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View Diary: Senate Prepares for Judicial Nominee Showdown--Again (125 comments)

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  •  I think they're hilarious (6+ / 0-) doesn't look good for November does it? Every conservitive I know isn't even voting this time. you ask me to donate to Volpac to help more GOP to win in November, and I want to give really I do...but there is no proof that the new GOP members would do anything different on these 4 issues (espically the borders). So I'm giving nice donations to the Minutemen project. They are doing the job on the borders that you are supposed to do, and that is a worthy cause.

    *The voters gave you a majority in both houses, as well as a Republican President, and you still blame the Democrats for your inability to pass legislation.* I thought that only a simple majority was necessary to approve a bill. Am I wrong? Truthfully, I can't see where it made any difference to give the Republicans control of the Legislature. The Democrats seem to still be running things in Washington, DC. Why?

    First, as the majority party it should not take three years to confirm anyone. I understand you have to work with and in spite of the RINOs, but this is ridiculous. [...] Mark my words...*if the Republicans in the House and Senate do not get back to representing their grassroots constituents you will lose in November.*

    *Comfirming Kavanaugh is a ploy to invigorate your core supporters.* It's a much easier task for you than to fight for secure borders, secure ports, immigration enforcement, a real energy policy, balancing the budget and trade policy that benefits America. You are like a magician to misdirect our attention while the "trick' is performed out of our view. Please deal with the issues that matter to the majority of Americans.

    Robert Simonsen
    Disgusted lifelong Republican

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