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View Diary: Senate Prepares for Judicial Nominee Showdown--Again (125 comments)

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    Nothing like bringing up an unpopular impeachment of a popular president. It would serve well to remind people how things were under Clinton: balanced budgets, distaster response, a functioning military, world respect, gas at $1.50, an economy that was lifting all boats instead of just the 50 foot yachts.

    Then bring up his involvment in the crafting of the torture policies, his Abramoff/Lobbying ties, and the NSA spying scandal (although someone is going to have to explain this one to the people. It can be rather convoluted for those who aren't paying attention.)

    Most importantly... NO 15 MINUTE QUESTIONS... That means YOU Joe Biden. Most Americans think the hearings exist for the senators to hear themselves talk. They usually don't gardener anything usefull out of them, simply because there isn't a simple ask (short consise question) and answer.

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