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  •  Hmm (1+ / 0-)
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    Decent points.  Any chance the GOP kills 2 birds and selects Stockman?  It's what I'd do if I were worried.

    •  Republicans down there (3+ / 0-)
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      Xan, sobermom, brownsox

      are engaging in some monkeybusiness over the choice of their candidate that may cause some hurt feelings among Republicans and depress their turnout, cause them to vote for a third-party candidate, or even vote for the conservative Lampson.

      Fjetland left off GOP survey

      Nothing like the egotistical hunger for power to cause trouble.

    •  The Dems should challenge any selection (0+ / 0-)

      Back when Delay announced the pending resignation, someone posted the pertinent bit of Texas election law. It clearly prohibits a candidate from winning the primary and then resigning the candidacy, for the purpose of letting the party pick the candidate. The law allows replacement for candidate death, or ill health with some significant restrictions.

      Delay is planning to work around that legal problem by intentionally getting himself disqualified, by "moving" his legal residence out of state.

      Considering that he's made public statements affirming that his motivation for "moving" is for the prohibited purpose, an honest Texas Supreme Court should uphold a challenge to any appointment. However, our current court has already bent election law in favor of allowing some (R) judicial candidates to compete in the primary despite clearly inadequate filings for the position, so I wouldn't bet real money on the outcome. (The judicial flap was an intra-Republican fight; a sharp candidate noticed that paperwork of his 2 opponents was deficient and challenged them.)

      Anyway, there's at least a longshot that the race will be Lampson (D) vs. Stockman (I).

      Stockman of course lost his congressional seat in part because of his looney tunes associations to militias and a minor kerfuffle about the Oklahama City bombing. As best I remember it, he recieved a fax from a militia organization shortly after the bombing and because the fax machine was not set correctly, it was timestamped as arriving before the bombing.

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