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    I worked on the Wilson write-in campaign in finance for about six weeks, and I have to tell you that the level of activity and enthusiasm was incredible.  It feels like I showed up in Bridgeport about a year and a half ago - I think some of our field organizers might still be asleep since they went to bed Tuesday night.

    Jason Burke, the campaign manager, sent me some stats about what the campaign accomplished:

    -found more than 900 volunteers
    -knocked more than 40,000 doors
    -sent more than 4,000 personalized letters to people who requested absentee ballots
    -went on TV in all 4 media markets
    -made 281,522 phone calls to voters, including a robocall from Bill Clinton
    -sent 380,000 pieces of mail to explain the write in process
    -got more votes as a write in than all of the candidates in the Republican primary combined
    -Belmont County (Charlie's home county) got 41% turnout, which is pretty stellar for a primary outside of a POTUS election year

    I don't mean to toot my own horn (well, a little), but I'm really proud of what we accomplished with the support of the Democrats of the Sixth District and of Ohio.  Hope you found this informative and that you keep an eye on the race as we move towards victory in November.

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