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View Diary:  Support HCR391 Congressional Authorization Re: Iran! (update) (92 comments)

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  •  Good point dlcox1958 (0+ / 0-)

    Hersh could be right. IMO He's one of the last of the really good investigative journalist. Whatever, you can depend on that being his honest opinion and back with some good footwork.

    As for my self I never, EVER, though I would see a day when I though a military coupe in America would be a saving grace. Perhaps we could get lucky like Costa Rico did in the fifties...

    But to tell the truth I trust men whose oath is to defend the country rather than a crowd pushing the interests of a de jure global Fascist government or a alien state’s interests ahead of our own country. As of today we are in the hands of men who have larger ambitions than the general welfare of the country that has sheltered them and allowed them to rise to responsible public and private position. They are thanking America by bankrupting it to enrich themselves and promote their megalomaniac ambitions.

    I hope no matter how rich the pricks get it wont be enough to pay their medical expenses.

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