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    Just one note about Katrina - off topic I know but I think this is important - personally I am not as interested in "accountability" as I am in getting it right for the people who are still in distress - still in need of so much more help - and for the people who will come after them in the next Hurricane, Tornado, Hail Storm, Earthquake, Vocanic Eruption or whatever.  This administration and the GOP controlled Congress have neither the will nor the skill to "get it right" for the American people.  I hope you will consider adding this critical perspective to your messaging where it comes to this issue.

    Thanks and I am sorry that your opponent is such a horrible human being, but on the positive side you have had an opportunity to use his horrible words to show your daughter what isn't acceptable.  My parents always let me watch, hear and see everything which is a real shocker in this era, but you know what?  They took every opportunity to debrief me essentially and explain where we thought things were positive and where we should look upon things as not done.  They made sure that I had the tools to negotiate a confusing and conflicting world by guiding me through it in discussion.  I am grateful for that because I know that just because someone else is doing something no matter their power or their money, it still doesn't always make it right...


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