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  •  A worry about sugar ethanol (1+ / 0-)
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    Maybe it's unfounded.  I understand that sugar is one of the most damaging and demanding of crops to grow.  Maybe I'm wrong about that.  And we don't dare tempting Brazil to cut down any more of the Amazon.

    Of course, the same can be said of corn.

    •  That is true. So, maybe we should (0+ / 0-)

      push for Hemp Fuel.  Hemp doesn't require pesticides, doesn't deplete the nutrient in soil, doesn't require alot of work to grow, grows anywhere and can be converted to either charcoal, methanol, methane or gasoline.  But most of us know this already.

      I remember reading a High Times article years and years and years ago that made the argument that one of the biggest reasons Hemp (not the kind you smoke, friends) was targeted when the Marijuana laws were being written, was precisely because it could be used as fuel and many other products that were made, at the time, from petroleum and more cheaply.

      Most people focus on how oil is primarily used for gasoline, but what about all the other products made from oil?  What is going to happen to them and the industries that produce them when the oil runs out or gets to $100/barrel?  I can't imagine how much something as simple as Vaseline will cost then, not to mention the plastics we use everyday.  

      Just because a person has faith doesn't mean that he isn't full of crap.-- Pastordan

      by Maggie Mae on Sun May 07, 2006 at 08:44:29 AM PDT

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    •  I think the problem with ethanol (0+ / 0-)

      is that it cannot be piped.  Has to be sent by truck or rail, which increases the price considerably.  I am by no means an engineer, but my gut tells me that an oil (from corn or soybeans) will be our relief from fossil fuels. Is my opinion, you can take it or leave it.

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