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  •  Locators I think (1+ / 0-)
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    Are emergency beacons that send a message and your location to a satellite system in case of an emergency. Their called EPIRGS when you have them on commecial fishing boats, and I'm not sure what you call them in small aircraft.

    When I've gone on really remote trips to the Arctic Refuge and the Northwest Territories, we have rented a sat phone, which we never use unless there's a dire emergency. The nature writer Ted Williams has a recent book out on canoeing in the Northwest Territories where his partner brings a sat phone and calls home half a dozen times a day. Williams can't stand it because it seems more like a trip to the mall than a wilderness trip.

    Count, you are pretty sharp on hiking in a larger group in Glacier. I think there has never been a bear attack on a group of four or five or more. When I hike in the Bob Marshall, it's always been with  a couple of people and our two dogs, and I've run into grizz only twice in 25 years.

    •  i agree on the emergency phone. (1+ / 0-)
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      Ed in Montana

      i would go NUTS if on a hike i had to listen to a cell phone conversation, which are usually about nothing, and where the caller YELLS like owen meany instead of talks!
      not hiking much these days with my bad knee.  just short ones.  got ice? (on those glaciers for the swelling?)

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