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       First, I wouldn't be so sure that republican ideology persuaded the country.  It seems more likely that the populous’ ideals came more into line with the GOP as the country grew steadily richer: Real GDP per capita went from $14,000 in 1960 to $37,500+ in 2005.  But that is less than a minor quibble.
       My main question is, what are you willing to do about it?  We can throw the biggest crackin' party you can come up with inside this website's echo chamber without getting some results in the skin.  If you want McGovern style politics (before the wheels fell off), you're only going to get it if you do more than pull at peoples' nostalgia.  My advice would be to start organizing your neighborhood now before you even have a candidate.  From the way you talk, you and your likeminded friends should leave that choice until much later.
       At the heart of your yearnings, I see a question that everyone will need to answer according to their own principles.  What will you do?  How far will you go?

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