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  •  McGovern would have been a disaster? (2+ / 0-)
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    betterdonkeys, ChemBob

    You make many excellent points in your fine morning ramblings.  You obviously speak from a political experience I admire greatly.  But I have trouble with us "knowing" anything about a McGovern presidency that never happened, especially given the one that did.

    Richard Nixon was a disaster.

    I'm not disagreeing with the notion that idealism helped defeat McGovern.  I just don't think you make your case stronger by implying that he would not have been a better president than Nixon.

    Just curious... from your inside perspective do you think RFK might have won in 1968?  Seems he is the perfect example of the idealist/machine candidate you describe. He had big 'mo with the CA victory...

    Your enthusiasm for Russ in 2008 is right and good... but what do you think about the growing enthusiasm for Gore?

    "...history is a tragedy not a melodrama" - I.F. Stone

    by bigchin on Sun May 07, 2006 at 01:01:52 PM PDT

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