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  •  Very well said (0+ / 0-)

    These last two posts of yours have been among the best insights I've seen on dkos in a long time.  Thanks very much for sharing what you've learned.

    •  those posts come from the tears of lessons hard (3+ / 0-)
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      i cried when i walked away from the mcgovern campaign two weeks prior to the election.  the first time i tried to walk, rockefeller talked me into staying - but i told them that if the raiding of the supply room happened again, i was gone.

      (history here:  one group decided to do a "lit blitz" a month prior to the election without telling anyone in the campaign - an "over coffee" decision.  they rented trucks and went to the printer and took over 80% of the literature fresh off the press and handed it out curbside in nyc - where it filled the gutters and was forgotten.  that literature was the entire supply we had that i had scheduled for all of new england, who had been PLEADING for information on mcgovern's position on issues.  they had nothing to hand out to voters.  

      i told rockefeller that i would stay provided that not ONE SINGLE SHEET left that room without prior authorization... well, a week later, i walked in and found the same bozos raiding the room.  

      they saw me and winced.  i got my jacket and smiled and said to my assistant, andrea - "it's ALL yours!"

      i left - and cried - and knew we had lost.

      there was absolutely NO organization, NO control, NO direction in that campaign!  we were second only to d.c., who frequently called ME for literature!

      in short, it was a friggin' disaster!

      now that grass roots is organizing, i am not saying that the same mistakes will be made, but i am saying that we need learn from those mistakes.

      i love feingold - love his courage - love his platform.

      but, you want to know what my ideal ticket would be? one that i think has the greatest chance of winning?  


      this would bring experience to the ticket and give time to feingold to gain that "cloak" of experience - even though i have no doubt he has that experience already.  by being v.p., it would give him the opportunity to solidify his relationship with the congress and build trust to work with them on issues instead of "eating one's own"!

      his censure resolution has brought many issues to the forefront, but it may, at this moment, be the key to keeping moderate republicans from supporting him.  HOWEVER, if a gore ticket succeeds, then by the time gore is done, feingold will be seasoned and perfectly primed for the next eight years.

      just one woman's opinion here... hope it clarifies my ravings.  thank you for your kind words, btw.

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        What Feingold needs is not a VP slot.  He needs to marry and settle down to a traditional family life.  Until he does so, he is absolutely unelectable.  There is no fucking way Americans are going to elect a single, twice divorced man to the White House, even if he has kids.

        I'm not saying there is a perfect, unsmearable candidate, there isn't, but that doesn't mean we should do the hatchet men's work for them.  

        "In every country and in every age, the priest has been hostile to liberty..." ~Thomas Jefferson

        by Subterranean on Sun May 07, 2006 at 01:50:59 PM PDT

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