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  •  i wasn't clear on exactly what the (1+ / 0-)
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    mistake that we made really was - it was refusing to work within the established structure of the political world.

    we, as progressives, liberals, independents, etc., will NEVER take apart the political process that we have in a single election cycle or two or three or twenty.  it has taken 300 years to evolve.

    the best we can do is improve it, tweak it, change it - but to do that, it has to be a consensus of ALL involved!  

    running in with a battering ram and demanding change will just result in the walls being fortified!  both carter and mcgovern attempted too much change too quickly.  both failed.

    THAT is what i am referring to about not succeeding - we must recognize that change grinds slowly - but to effect it, we MUST be a part of the organization!

    blind idealism and lack of recognizing that political reality will only doom us to fail.  

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