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  •  weaker for whom? (1+ / 0-)
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    Boston Boomer

    this nation isn't set to let one party have ALL the cake while the rest starves!

    the whole idea of a two party system is to find a way to make the whole of the country better!

    we are not "weaker" when we find a way to incorporate the greater opinions of the party - it is not always the "progressive" way that represents the whole.

    our job is to sell our platform to the greater whole so that they are willing to support our platform.  our job is not to ramrod our position down their throats!

    this seems to be the weakness of the progressive/green agenda - we insist that it is OUR way only!

    this same attitude is what has the current republican party in such disarray!  the extremist side of the right has hijacked the party and taken over.

    we must be VERY VERY careful not to attempt to do the same thing!  IF we want our candidates to be put up in the party, we must earn the support of the rest of the party!  this constant clamor of railing against the dlc does our cause great harm - for those very same people are the votes we need to win the full election!

    we must be very careful here, folks, not to let our push for change push us right out of the political picture!

    it is only through democratic unity that we will win in 2006 AND in 2008 - and the way to that unity is to sell our positions to those who are unsure!

    this isn't a football or basketball game - it is a serious political interaction where we do not have the numbers to win our progressive agenda by ourselves!

    we need the rest of the party to win elections!

    that said, lieberman is NOT needed - ned lamont is exactly the right action in removing egregious examples of party sellouts!

    end of rant.....

    •  Edrie, (0+ / 0-)

      You really know your stuff!  Where do you live now, if you don't mind saying?

      •  's called being "old".... :^) (0+ / 0-)
        i'm in the monterey area of california - but one day will come "home" to ny.
        •  Well, (0+ / 0-)

          I'm old too.  1972 was the first time I could vote.  And I never voted for a winning candidate until Clinton.  I really didn't like him, but by after Reagan I got very pragmatic.  Now I just vote for the Democrat--whoever it is.  But I still long for a real progressive in the presidency.

          •  my first campaign was for kennedy (0+ / 0-)
            and against nixon.  

            as for clinton, i always thought of him as republican lite... never voted for him - i was in ny and voted perot to "make a statement" since clinton would win overwhelmingly in my area (so i DO understand the greens more than they know!)

            the second go round, i had just moved to ca and had a board of elections official flat out lie and tell me since i missed the registration deadline (be a week), i was ineligible.  she NEVER mentioned i could vote in the potus election by coming into the board and casting my vote. i am livid to this day that she lied.  i take voting very seriously - that way i have a right to complain!

            now, i'm with you - it is democratic all the way - i don't care if they run the damned jackass - it is better than the one already in d.c.!

            we have to take back the congress and the white house to undo the damage inflicted on our constitution and population.  if that means we have to work harder to get far left to vote more moderate candidates, then that's what we have to do.  

            if lieberschmuck turned out to be the decisive seat, i'd even take a barf bag and vote for him!  thank god ned lamont is giving us options - not to mention giving joe (and others) a real wake-up call!

            the goal here is to pick our battles verycarefully!  then kick the crap out of the other side!  reform can come later, right now, we need majority!

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