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    I have to agree with Georgia10. Impeachment is really the wrong way to go. This election has to be about republican responsibility. They have had total control of government for 5 years. The demacrats have to put to rest that the conservity movement can govern. We muddy the waters with a quid pro qoe (sp)impeachments then the conservitive movement can come back and say it was the demacrates that were playing politics. We need the oversite to bring to the public what the rebublicans have been doing to the country fo 5 years. It needs to come out in hearings who they have been bed with. Who they have allowed to write our bills. This has too come out in public and the conservative party has to take the fall. This was not done under Reagan and the whole gang is back in this administration. It has to be down and dirty hearings done in public to end this neocon philosophy for generations. Impeachment just muddies the water

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