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  •  If I am following Pile's reasoning correctly (0+ / 0-)

    Pile is saying that in part due to the absence of the Fairness Doctrine, a bill eliminating Net Neutrality will be able to be passed, because the corporate media won't bother informing Americans of the arguments for keeping Net Neutrality.  Then liberal internet voices get cut off, thus undercutting the argument that "we don't need the F.D. because we have internet and satellite radio and cable".  In other words, Pile is saying that we won't continue to have the internet, therefore the F.D. needs to be established again so that the corporate media is forced to give time to opposing viewpoints, the viewpoints that are supposedly now cut off from the internet.

    Mind you, I don't agree with this argument.  But I think that's what Pile is trying to say.

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