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    is the massive influx of illegal immigrants who have come to NOLA to do the rebuilding work, especially since Bush suspended the Davis-Bacon act, eliminating the need for anyone to pay prevailing wages.

    usually, when i get into this, i am called a xenophobe. But the situation in New Orleans is at the heart of my argument. I don't personally care to preserve the culture & way of life of the most typical American white people, to be perfectly honest. No offense to them, that's just not a concern of mine. However, a sudden massive influx of people from Latin America does currently threaten the cultural existence of Louisiana Creoles, Cajuns, & New Orleanian / Southern American Black people, whose cultures I have always found to be rich and intriguing, especially since they are American- they evolved right here in this country.

    i've mentioned it a lot lately: I actually went to the rally in Crawford last weekend on the immigration issue. Minutemen and New Orleanians were both in attendance. Liberal movements are definitely at odds here too.

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