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View Diary: A Liberal Foreign Policy: The Lessons Iraq Debacle Opponents Did Not Forget (163 comments)

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    People pay way too much attention to The New Republic, and far too little attention The Nation.  The latter is much more in tune with the concerns of the left blogosphere, and its circulation keeps rising as TNR's keeps falling.

    Samples from their current front page:

    The Spook in Your Phone
    Robert Scheer | Gen. Michael Hayden, nominated by President Bush to head the CIA, is the man responsible for the most extensive attack ever on the privacy of US citizens.


    RadioNation With Laura Flanders, 05/10/06 [mp3]
    We talk to Ray McGovern, a former CIA analyst who challenged Secretary Rumsfeld on the justification for the war in Iraq. Then, we address the immigration debate with Kyrsten Sinema, a Democratic legislator from Arizona, and Robert Pastor, vice president of international affairs at American University. Plus, our media roundtable and a tribute to Jane Jacobs's urban wisdom. (27mb mp3)

    For a Sane Energy Policy
    The Editors | There is no piecemeal solution to the gas price crisis. It's a systemic sickness that goes to the root of the American way of life: big cars, big oil, big business and sprawl.

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      May be more zealous in it's Lefty politics but that doesen't itself make it a superior publication. I believe it was Atrios himself, who has long complained about TNR's status as the word in liberal opinion, described The Nation as

      ...a combination of loony left anti-Semitism, fascist pompous drunk bully Chris Hitchens, and all sorts of limo liberalism at its worst."

      As for circulation numbers, that doesen't tell us as much about quality. Madonna sells more records than Norah Jones, is she a better musician?

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