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    Nothing we do to immigrants is as bad as the things their own countries do. The "treat them poorly" strategy can't contain immigration, because it isn't nearly as cruel as the basic facts of life in the immigrant's homeland.

    The whole Sensenbrenner idea is based upon drying up the job pool and hoping immigrants "just go home". Grinrich was spouting the same idea this morning on Russert. It just doesn't work. Fat, overfed and underworked white guys just can't fathom true deprivation. They truly believe that 12 million people would just get up and leave to return to their "homes" if only they could make life tough enough for them here. You can't make life here that tough. There's no comparison. Tough is not working for exploitive wages in shit jobs, tough is watching your children die of starvation.

    Newt was explaining his proposal to make all immigrants fly back to their countries of origin, and then re-enter. I think the quote was "in this day of jet travel it's no big deal" (I paraphrase)

    "fly back to their countries" just that statement alone reflects the disconnect between these men of privilege and the real world.

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      It sure as hell doesn't walk across a desert or broil to death in the container box of a truck.

      I honestly don't know what planet these repugs live on. Last I checked, it wasn't mine.

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