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View Diary: [UPDATED] CA-11/Pombo: Jerry McNerney responds to Jerome a Paris (154 comments)

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  •  100% wind foolish (2+ / 0-)

    I wonder about simple stuff.  Like how much energy could be saved by (solar-, and to a lesser extent wind-powered) clotheslines instead of electric (or gas) clothes dryers?

    Passive solar does wonders.  My home is passive solar and uses as little as 10% the propane of comparably-sized conventional homes in the area.  Toss in a passive solar water pre-heat and a clothesline, and household energy costs are modest.  Biggest item being the 240v pump to bring water up from the well.  Would like to do a cistern and solar pump some day.  Windows and skylights so you turn lights on less often.  

    But all these things will still have production and transport-related energy costs added on.  As do the windmills.  So oil will still effect.

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