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View Diary: [UPDATED] CA-11/Pombo: Jerry McNerney responds to Jerome a Paris (154 comments)

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    Jerome a Paris

    (1) One can be obviously be against coal and also question industrial wind power. Setting up an either/or dichotomy, where people must choose one or the other, is intellectually suspect.

    (2) I have indeed stated that I am opposed to coal, and my own history as an activist -- real world activism, taking on and beating major corporate interests, not just ranting about it -- proves that. For you to raise such a false argument, as if to insinuate that I'm some kind of mole for the coal industry, is again intellectually suspect.

    (3) Why can't you answer the question of how much wind power would be necessary to meet our energy needs, since all other forms of energy are no good? If you don't want to answer that hypothetical, then break it down: How much acreage per percentage point of U.S. consumption?

    Or do you just want to insult and belittle your opponents?

    "Animals are my friends--and I don't eat my friends." (G.B. Shaw) Click to read my diaries

    by Hudson on Mon May 15, 2006 at 11:49:34 AM PDT

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