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  •  digital divide (4.00)
    My last comment was a bit sarcastic in tone, so on a more serious note, I think this Diedrich strategy also plays upon the digital divide and hoping that it reinforces a localist mentality. Remember, most of the times we talk about that subject, its in terms of race and class, but there is also a geographic divide out there (which often overlaps with the economic one). Add to that the general unfamiliarity of blogs, and the notion of liberals coming in and trying to influence the good people of SD's election, and you have a ready-made strategy for persuading people you're the one in touch with their daily lives and the opponent is beholden to extremist outside forces.
    •  Always Worried About This... (none)
      Blogs are a great tool for raising funds, but I'd always worried that Democrats in "red/heartland America" would end up getting burned by doing it.

      The problem is the deeply entrenched anti-elitism than many people there feel -- even people who would be open to voting for a centrist Democrat.  There's a real sense of inferiority/jealousy/resentment toward "coastal elites."  So while the talk of a "secret website" is ludicrous, pointing out that many of her donors are from the Bay Area, New York, Boston, etc. may very well strike a chord with some people in South Dakota.

      It's always amazed me how a lot of "us" -- highly educated, relatively affluent, urban, coastal -- don't understand this, and the political ramifications of it.  But that's because we don't visit the flyover states...

      While it's slightly off-topic, a personal anecdote comes to mind.  I'll never forget a conversation a had with a high school guidance counselor in a small town where I lived for three years in central Florida (between growing up in Los Angeles and going off to college in Washington DC).  When I had my pro forma appointment with her to discuss my college applications, I told her that I'd already applied to several universities (all in the DC or NYC areas).  She gave me sort of a pained expression and said, "You're not going to even consider any of our fine Florida schools?  Univeristy of Central Florida has a very good political science program."  (I knew she was a UCF alum, from the "M.A. - Educaton" diploma proudly displayed on her office wall.)  The tone of her comment was almost hostile -- as if to say "what, we're not good enough for you?!?"  

      But anyway... this came to mind because it ties in with the whole 'resentment of elites' theme...  it's very real.  I don't like it, but Democrats really do need to keep this in mind, because it can and will be used against us.


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