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    To say the same thing about his camp locations.  He needs to read Schindler's List.

    The Germans wanted the Jews as far away from the Fatherland as possible, and they didn't want the death camps on German soil if they could help it, as I interpret it.  After all, they had already gotten rid of or moved most of the Jews to the lands of Der Untermensch (they didn't like Poles much either, or gypsies, or gays, or Catholics or Russians) at the beginning of the war.  In each of the countries they overran it was almost an immediate demand to hand over the Jews.

    By the way, the Germans were not the only ones who hated Jews.  Check out the history and see who the camp guards were.  Sure, the camps might be run by the SS, but guards could be a lot of other Europeans.  Stalin learned a lot from Hitler in running the Gulags.  Churchill and Roosevelt should have had Stalin shot the first time he came for a talk.

    Dana Curtis Kincaid Ad Astra per Aspera!

    by angrytoyrobot on Wed May 17, 2006 at 12:52:55 PM PDT

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    •  Well, to be fair, Auschwitz was located (0+ / 0-)

      in a part of Poland that was annexed by the Nazi's. In any case, my point, as we all understand, is that the Nazi's were not trying to expel any group from Germany or the conquered territories. Let's not split the hair too fine.

      And you make a good point in that there were many sympathizers or even followers in France, Bulgaria, Czech, etc. Even in the USA.


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