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View Diary: NSA had a LEGAL data program that Hayden and Bu$hCo quashed (15 comments)

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  •  are you fucking kidding me? (10+ / 0-)

    I gotta run to the dentist but I will check back when I return.

    Hopefully this gets rec'd up, not b/c I need any glory, but this is a HUGE story.

    And you know it will get buried otherwise.....

    •  this IS a HUGE story. (2+ / 0-)
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      clammyc, martini

      This is absolutely huge.  The road not taken.  We could have had a legal program, better protection of citizens' privacy, and better tracking of potential hostiles.  

      Instead we got the present ungodly mess.  

      And now this makes much sense of why FBI complained that what they were getting from NSA was an enormous deluge of "stuff" they couldn't use.  

      Originally I thought this was because NSA was in effect saying "you have to let us pre-process this stuff, you don't want raw data, look at the mess you're going to get...."

      But as it turns out, the data were low-grade because the system had been subverted for partisan goals (again).  

      This is so like the Bushies it makes me want to puke.  Do real harm to our defense capabilities in order to promote some other agenda.   Man do I ever want to see some of those people up on charges....

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