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View Diary: NSA had a LEGAL data program that Hayden and Bu$hCo quashed (15 comments)

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    This particular instance supports the point that NSA's internal culture really is concerned with making sure they don't step on our civil rights.  Under a more benign Administration, they would be able to proceed with projects such as Thin Thread, and we could be reasonably sure all was working as intended and there wasn't much to worry about.  

    Instead, we have Bush & Co once again proving themselves incompetent to handle the real threat, while at the same time being more interested in circumventing the law and taking the path to tyranny.  


    Here's me looking forward to a Gore/Clark Administration, with Fitzgerald as Attorney General.  

    BTW, Gore knows his stuff re. SIGINT: he was ahead of the curve on the whole crypto debate back in the early days. Though some of his proposals were controversial, he was clearly far more aware of the technology than anyone else in public office at the time.  

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      clammyc, martini, Easterling

      according to the last 100 pages of James Bamford's A Pretext for War the NSA was privatized: many of the teams were fired, and came back to work the next day, as usual, as private contractors, in order to get around their oaths not to snoop on citizens. This is all planned out, probably in the '90's, at the RW think tanks, as part and parcel of erecting the polie state apparatus. Eddie C had a diary less than an hour before this one about NSA, turning America into a War Zone!  .

      The noose is tightening. Anyone want to speculate how they're planning to quell the unrest that may occur when the critical mass of the populace wakes up? Or will we already be too cowed and terrified of our own masters by then?

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