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View Diary: Big Oil's attack on Gore backfired (132 comments)

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  •  Al Gore's dad was raised in a house Abe Lincoln (0+ / 0-)

    built and while Al's dad was a Senator he drank moonshine with Tip O'neil on land in Memphis Tennessee where there was a confederate papermill and later was on Colonial Country Club where the Danny Thomas Memphis classic.

    While in college Al came home and felled a 100 acre tobacco field in a single days time for Brown & Willamson tobacco company in just a single days time.

    As Vice President Al Gore did nothing to stop this or that nor did Al Gore speak up against this or that while he was in the White House 8 years.

    Al's Mom chaired the rename the this or that while Al was learning to tie his shoes. Chipper has to eat her Ice Cream when she isn't with Al because Al developed a deep loving craze for Reagan jellybeans he ate at the many around town functions he and Tipper attended during the Reagan years.

    Al is a part time cross dresser since he quit golf because of harmful pesticides and anti-fisherman because of polluted streams. As a cross dressed Al told Rolling Stone magazine he could get a greater perspective of both sides of an issue.

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