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  •  Truth About Existing Dress Code In Iran (5+ / 0-)

    The younger generation in Iran are currently stretching the existing dress codes to the outer boundaries and at times outright defying it.  The government in the most part are ignoring this defiance. This is an actual on the ground report from my son-in-law who has been in Tehran recently.

    •  Also, My Daughter And Her Family Travel To Iran (8+ / 0-)

      every other year to visit my son-in-laws family in Tehran. She, an obvious American, is treated extremely well by Iranians in all parts of the country that she has traveled in. Up to now, the majority of the Iranian people really like Americans (if not our government's policies) and many have relatives living in America.

      Not sure if this Administration's policies has changed public opinion of American citizens in the last year or not. One thing I do know for sure is that our government's current policies have harmed not helped the reformist movement in Iran. Also, any military action taken in Iran will not be greeted with gifts and flowers. While a large percentage of the population would like to get out from under a theocratic regime, once attacked, they will fight to protect their country and given what I know about their country that could make Iraq look like a cake walk.

      •  Iran (1+ / 0-)
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        I have heard this for the zillionth times.

        But sadly our media is brainwashing Americans to think Iran is evil and that Ahmadinejad is  the new Hitler.

        I'm afraid this will peel away the humanity and forced an American soldier  (who will never even point his gun at a dog ) to shoot a 3-year-old Iranian girl becoz all he knows about Iran is :
        "They-hate-us, they-want-to-kill-us, the-Koran-taught-them-to-kill-the-infidels".
        This already happened in Haditha,Iraq.

        Americans have little idea about the contribution of the Persian people to our civilization today.From Avicenna to al-Kharizmi, without Iran we might be 100 years behind in our achievement. I kid you not.

        I fall in love to Iran the moment I read her
        history .
        Iran has been a nation that stands so majestically amid the turmoil,her people are rich with culture and her young children full of amazing talents.No wonder Iranian-American is ranked the 2nd most successful ethnic group in America out of 67 ethnic groups.

        University of Tehran and Sharif Institute of Technology have given birth to world class geniuses.

        I have nothing but admiration for the young Iranians who albeit the restrictions and the embargo could be the champion in world's robotic competition.

        •  'Ahmadinejad = Hitler' propaganda (4+ / 0-)
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          walkshills, tzt, subtropolis, dus7

          A central pillar of the war propaganda is that Ahmadinejad has threatened to destroy Israel. Unless Juan Cole is uncharacteristically confused, this is false.

          According to Juan Cole:

          Ahmadinejad...actually quoted Khomeini as saying, "This occupation regime over Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time...."

          Ahmadinejad, however, has condemned mass killing of any sort and was not threatening military action (he is in any case not in command of the Iranian military). He compares his hope for an end to any Zionist regime in geographical Palestine to Khomeini's prediction that the Soviet Union would one day vanish. It wasn't a hope to kill Soviet citizens, but a desire for regime change.

          Informed Comment, Tuesday, May 09, 2006

          And according to European Tribune's STA:

          Cole's translation of the Persian passage is indeed much closer to the target. I re-read the Persian and Cole is right.

          From what I can see, the claim that Ahmadinejad threatened to destroy Israel is one of the most dangerous falsehoods in the world today.

          (Please excuse the re-post.)

          •  I don't know... (0+ / 0-)

            The blatant mincing of his words is a crime, no doubt. But if you believe Sy Hersh, Ahmadinejad would definitely lob the bomb at Isreal if he got the chance (though not necessarily under the auspices of the Iranian state).

            Make no mistake Ahmadinejad is a radical militant, this much we do know. But the twisted portrayal of his official stance, more importantly of the words that are actually coming out of his mouth is a crime and more dangerous than the man himself.

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