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    U.S. taxpayers pay for our propaganda because we (or some of us anyway) prefer to get only a very small part of the story. That's the way we like it. We CREATE our own reality afterall here in Disneyland.

    That's why we all pay for Memri, a misinformation group that translates arab media for nonspeaking western journalists and politicians.

    Its work is subsidised by US taxpayers because as an "independent, non-partisan, non-profit" organisation, it has tax-deductible status under American law.

    The group was founded by a former member of Israel's military who worked in Psyops, Col. Yigal Carmon, and now we pay for them to propagandize us.

    Perle is associated through common colleagues at the Hudson Inst.

    This group basically just cherry picks the worst of the worst from Arab media. And that's fine, but it's like judging the U.S. by Rush Limbaugh... pretty dishonest. And the agenda is clear.

    Juan Cole has also spoken out against Memri's "selective" representation of Arab media. And that would be fine... if we weren't paying for them to do it, if they were actually nonpartisan, which they aren't.

    Now, there are certainly crazies in the Arab world, just like here. But Memri is just another example of how comfortable the pro-Israel groups are with disinformation and propaganda. And...

    Unfortunately, it is on the basis of [their] sweeping generalisations that much of American foreign policy is built these days.

    And just as a reminder... yes, we in America are all paying to be propagandized by these kinds of groups. The sad thing is that the liberal left in Israel gets no voice in American media. Maybe the Republican bigots will remember that next time they get into the booth to vote for the latest pro-Israel (ie pro Jew) Republican candidate.

    At Least you can always count on the Republican knuckledraggers like my relatives to get pissed about the Jews.

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