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  •  Another article at guerilla news in Feb. (7+ / 0-)

    The PR men take over as Donald Rumsfeld declares war on the media

    Rumsfeld also mentioned that “several hundred” blogs are currently “receiving CENTCOM content” and talked of the need for “24-hour press operation centers” and “rapidly deployable military communications teams” to cover crises. His overarching theme though, is the need to win that war of ideas. “It is a test of wills and it will be won or lost with our public and the publics of free nations across the globe. We will need to do all we can to attract supporters to our efforts, to correct the lies being told which so damage our country, and shatter the appeal of the enemy.” Yet he provides just one example, that of the Koran-in-the-toilet furor sparked by a Newsweek report.
    Rumsfeld and his cronies have their sights trained on the media and their wallets wide open for the PR industry.

    The article includes examples, UK's military propaganda efforts, and a list of several "secretive, scandal-ridden" companies involved in this work.

    With the Pentagon launching a revamped psy-ops campaign, the State Department funding new “democracy promotion” strategies and the ever ready Blair government to pay public money to private propaganda companies, the means of deceiving entire nations has rarely been more accessible, or profitable

    In closing:

    The beauty of the propaganda offensive is that separating reliable information from planted stories, or calculated half truths, is becoming harder and harder. Despite the rapid rise of the Internet and the widespread democratization of news dissemination, spinning war is actually getting easier. The greater the volume of propaganda produced, the harder it seems to tell lies from facts, even if much of it is hopelessly inept. The rest of us have to be vigilant – and keep a close watch on our paradigms.

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