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    There is/was a site called promoting Bush's nomination of John Bolton to the UN Ambassadorship. Who contributed to this site?

    Michael Ledeen

    Joel Mowbray

    Frank Gaffney
    David Frum
    Anne Bayefsky
    David Keene
    Daveed Gartenstein-Ross
    Cliff May
    Andrew Cochran
    Gary Bauer

    You'll notice Ledeen and Frum here, with some other notable names. Mike Krempasky took credit on the site for its creation, and there was one link in its "Blogroll", to

    From there, we checked into who registered the site, who owned the security certificate for the site, what other sites operated on the same IP Address, who was hosting the site, etc. In doing so, we identified a small portion of the VRWC web and its M.O.

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