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View Diary: Hey press, spare me your damn "outrage". It's insulting. (212 comments)

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  •  Equating Seymour Hersh with Wolf Blitzer (4+ / 0-)

    What I think is really unfair about this diary and the many supporting comments is that, obviously, Gonzales & Company are going to focus mainly on attacking the Seymour Hershes and Unembedded photographers of the world who risk their lives telling truth to power as well they know how.

    So, you're casting scorn on people who earn about $50,000 per year with 20 years of experience, have nothing to do with the Wolf Blitzers of the world and are at grave risk of dying cold and alone in Bush Rovie dungeons.

    If you want to attack, say Katie Couric, Nancy Grace or Wolf Blitzer for snuggling up to the Bush Rovies, fine. But why do you have to rub salt into the future wounds of the people who are trying to investigate what the DK folks simply speculate about?

    How many DK folks even make a telephone call to a stranger on behalf of Daily Kos to check out an allegation, let alone fly scary place to conduct an interview or see what, say, Iraq looks like first hand?

    •  Yeah, that was something I (0+ / 0-)

      failed to mention.  This diary paints with too broad a brush.  There are still some decent people in the press, including Ross and Hersh.  Not everyone has abandoned the journalistic quest in exchange for money, security, access, etc.

      •  tough to do a rant (0+ / 0-)

        with a number of exceptions and caveats.

        The general jist doesn't change however.  Ross did sit back when much of what I rant about happened as well.

        •  99% of reporters are serfs (1+ / 0-)
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          jennifer poole

          My impression is that a lot of people here don't actually read print newspapers at all, and that they get their impression of what reporters, including print reporters, do from what they see on CNN, Fox News or the Sunday morning news shows.

          Most of the "print articles" people here actually read seem to get sifted through Google News or Daily Kos diaries.

          Of course, in the actual real world, 99% (maybe 99.9999%) of reporters are serfs with bachelor's degrees, $30,000 in student loans, and broken down cars who go to report on schoolboard meetings or city council meetings and face the threat of bricks in the head or lawsuits completely out of the blue simply because, for example, they write some mild-mannered item about a woman who got beaten up by her boyfriend, and the boyfriend is still out on bond and doesn't like the article. Or something like that.

          The articles that these folks write are very important to the functioning of democracy in their communities, but these articles will almost never percolate up to the front page of Google News or into Daily Kos.

          At this point, Markos is probably as much of a journalist as the Slate people are, and he is  actually an awful lot closer to the TV talking head universe than most mainstream media reporters are.

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