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View Diary: El Hajj Malik el Shabazz, Race & Politics (52 comments)

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    I love that phrase.  It's perfect to describe him, his rhetoric and his vision.

    And you are right:  "this house is on fire"; although I am not quite ready to say "there are no rescue options in sight."  I do think that the rescue, however, needs to be seriously informed by history in a way that it is not.  Things are too far gone to rely on already tried scripts of traditional liberal thought, IMO.  

    I do hope you take time to talk about the other things you wanted to about Malcolm X, whether here, at my blog or MLW (not as much feedback on this diary as I had hoped, but it could be anything from subject matter to ridiculous length even for me.) Or in your own diary, even.  It's all about dialogue, even one like this that could go in a million different directions and still not be done.

    My separate place for mental meanderings: Political Sapphire

    by shanikka on Mon May 22, 2006 at 10:32:29 PM PDT

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