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  •  Manipulated into a war (2+ / 0-)
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    by the administration will be the legacy of the Bush administration and those Republican's that supported him and still support him. The base support from all sides came from 911 and then the subsequent declaration that there were W.M.D.'s.

    When it was found out that most of all the intelligence was either manipulated, twisted and outright "made-up", many of the American people and most all of the Independence and Democrats changed there views, and with good reason. The lies never attained international support other than a few stanch allies and those who wanted big pay-offs and special favors.

    This is terrible because now we are stuck with it and have to see certain things all the way through. In all practical senses, the area has most of the world dependent on it for energy and the function of the economies of same. So we'll be there one way or another.

    Knowing we are indeed stuck with this and regardless of all the things that "could" have happened, it is what it is. Which begs the question, what do we do now? That question has not been answered yet because what we are doing has not been defined yet. What are we actually doing?. If we knew the answer to that question we would largely be in agreement from all sides. Some of us really need to begin to think about this and start coming up with some realistic answers. I'm not so arrogant to claim that person would be me, all I can do is try as well. But try I will.

    •  Being trapped in Iraq isjust another (0+ / 0-)

      Neocon talking point. The idea since we started this we must finish it is pure bull. We should all heed Murtha and immediately redeploy our troops. There is no other logical alternative. This is their country they can and should work it out. We don't and shouldn't expend one more life to help the dirtbag neocons save face. It take more courage to leave than it does to stay. But who's life do you want to sacrifice because some neocon says we can't withdraw now.

      Disabled Viet Vet ret. My snark is worse than my bite

      by eddieb061345 on Mon May 22, 2006 at 02:05:26 PM PDT

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      •  Complete overreaction (0+ / 0-)

        Redeploy does not mean leave and he says that himself. You overreact with generalizations and name calling because you favor a pacifist philosophy (There are great advantages and great dangers within this philosophy as with most). He believes Iraq is in a civil war, and I would agree with him. He believes they need to fight this out themselves. I agree with that too. He believes we should stay on the edges and only intervene if the Iraqi government has some "real" trouble, I also agree with this. He believes we went into Iraq with far too few troops, something I totally agree with and he believes we're going to have to find an actual direction and goal of what we are actually doing there, another point I agree with. (which includes total withdrawal at some near point).

        I can assure you he is not a pacifist nor a Republican, same as I.

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