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View Diary: [UPDATED] WTF? 'Navy SEALS' at Christian Youth Rally? (297 comments)

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  •  I'm in total agreement on the Christian takeover (0+ / 0-)

    They've gotten significantly worse since the time of Thomas Jefferson.

    Televangelism is the biggest problem in the U.S.

    I'm a secular humanist in the vein of  Karl Marx, and more recently, Sam Harris. I have been since I was a kid.

    Religious fundies scare the hell out of me and religious moderates frustrate me with their enabling of the fundies.

    What is the difference between a cult and a religion? A cult is small and new, a religion may have more than a billion adherents and may be thousands of years old.

    I'm part of a vast, secular conspiracy to create a utopian future. We will overcome. It may be sooner than people expect, with the internet always increasing its reach.

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