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View Diary: Cato: taxes must be increased to stop Bush's Big Government (121 comments)

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  •  The knee bone is connected to the thigh bone (5+ / 0-)

    It's hard to put a finger on one place where the problem is, because all the parts of a system affect all the other parts. But increasing the minimum wage, public transportation, a real national health care system, and restoring Aid to Families with Dependent Children would all allow parents to spend more time with their young children. People complain about the sorry state of our educational system, but I often think that really the schools are the ONLY thing that still works.  Families are ground to dust by everything else in the economic/social environment, but where we can see and measure the effects is in educational attainment.

    Other than that, programs that help kids of lower-social-status families to be able to count to ten, identify shapes and colors, and recite the alphabet-- like the kids of higher income families-- would probably do something to reduce the determinism built into the current class-biased system.

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