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  •  McCloskey is talking about Pombo and the CMNI (9+ / 0-)

    From a press release:

    To: The Press
    From: Pete McCloskey, Republican Candidate for Congress

    Dear Journalist,

    Enclosed are some questions I hope you will address to the Vice President and Richard Pombo on Monday, May 22nd.

    I will hold a press conference at 2 PM on May 22nd at the Hunter Plaza in Downtown Stockton on East Main Street, at which time I will furnish you with an indexed set of documents and evidence supporting many of these questions.

    Thank you for your service to the public.

    Pete McCloskey

    For information contact:

    Rob Caughlan 209.463.1200

    Request to the Press from Pete McCloskey
    Republican Candidate for the 11th District of California

    In view of Vice President Cheney's visit to Stockton tomorrow (May 22nd) for the fund raising affair hosted by Alex Grupe, Alexander Spanos and other developers for Congressman Pombo, I hope you will consider directing the attached questions to the principals involved.

    During the current campaign for Congress in the 11th District, you have noted Mr. Pombo's unwillingness to participate in a head-to-head debate with me and his refusal to answer pointed questions at the single forum where he appeared with me and his other Republican opponent a week ago in his home town of Tracy.

    I believe that the reason for his refusal to debate is the danger he would have to answer questions about his relationships with the three men who have recently pled guilty to conspiracy to bribe Members of Congress. These men are Jack Abramoff, Tony Rudy, and Neil Volz, all three of whom have given money to Pombo, as has John Doolittle's former staffer Kevin Ring. Ring has taken the 5th Amendment rather than answer questions from Senator John McCain about his relationship with Abramoff.

    I will hold a press conference at the Hunter Plaza in Downtown Stockton on Monday, May 22nd, at 2:00 p.m. to provide you with a great deal of new information which has come to light, particularly with respect to Pombo's willful inaction in regard to the continued forced abortions, prostitution and the exploitation of young women in the Marianas Islands as discussed in the recent issue of Ms. Magazine.

    In the spirit of the New York Times courage in 1971 in publishing the Pentagon Papers under threat of federal prosecution, followed by the courage of Washington Post reporters Woodward and Bernstein in challenging President Nixon's attempted coverup of the Watergate break-in, I suggest the press ask following questions of Mr. Pombo, and Mr.Cheney.

    Questions to Congressman Richard Pombo:

    1. When did you first become aware of the forced abortions, prostitution and exploitation of young women from the Philippines, China and other Pacific Rim nations in the Marianas Islands?
    1. Why have you done nothing to investigate and address the Marianas' problems with forced abortions as described to the Senate by Secretary of Interior Babbitt in l998?
    1. Have you ever discussed the Marianas situation with any of the men (Jack Abramoff, Neil Volz and Tony Rudy) who have now pled guilty of bribing or conspiring to bribe Members of Congress?
    1. Were you ever asked by Mr. Abramoff or former majority leader Tom DeLay to hold up or block the passage of any legislation which would apply US labor and immigration laws to the Marianas? Have you ever assisted in helping to secure "earmarks" for any project in the Marianas?
    1. Have you ever discussed the Marianas or Indian gaming issues with Kevin Ring?
    1. Can you explain why you have declined to hold investigative hearings about Jack Abramoff's lobbying efforts with respect to Indian gaming or the forced abortions, prostitution and exploitation of women in the Marianas?
    1. Do you feel that your constituents are entitled to full and fair answers to the foregoing questions, particularly prior to an election in which you seek to retain your seat in Congress?
    1. Why did you vote for the rule excluding from a "yes" or "no" vote on the Shays Amendment providing for an independent House ethics agency?


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