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View Diary: Democratic Bellweather: Help Mike Beebe undo Kenneth Starr's work (6 comments)

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    I was fortunate enough to see Beebe speak here in Los Angeles at a fundraiser with General Clark just last month, and was so impressed with his easy warmth and genuine message.

    You're right, his is a wonderful story and he needs few props to sell himself -- you wind up liking the guy after listening to him for the first few minutes.  

    He walked up to my husband afterwards, when General Clark was speaking, and just put his arm around his shoulder like he'd known him all his life!  But not in that phony politician "please vote for me" way... he's just a sincere down to earth good guy.  I wish him the best of luck.

    And he did say, regardless of what the polls show or how much he might be favored or leading.... "We're gonna run this thing like we're losing"  

    Take out the Hutch, Beebe.

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