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View Diary: GOP donors funding Nader (143 comments)

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  •  Let's post this (none)
     To Kerry
     To Bush

    Skadden, Arps et al                    

    Robins, Kaplan et al                    

    Citigroup Inc                          

    Piper Rudnick LLP                      

    Mintz, Levin et al                      

    Goldman Sachs                          

    Harvard University                      

    Hill, Holliday et al                    

    Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance    

    Akin, Gump et al                        

    Time Warner                            

    Clifford Law Offices                    

    International Profit Assoc              

    Morgan Stanley                          

    Bain Capital                            

    Hale & Dorr                            

    UBS Americas                            

    Holland & Knight                        

    Sullivan & Cromwell                    

    Latham & Watkins                        

    What should we call this:

    Kerry funded by GWB supporters?

    •  Yeah, Kerry takes money from GOP donors ... (2.60)
      Why is this any different than Nader? They gave to Bush and Kerry but they can't give to Nader? Come on.
    •  Help me out here ... (none)
      This table has a footnote that says Totals reflect individual and PAC contributions based on Federal Election Commission data released electronically March 3, 2004.  If that's written in English, I'd say it means that the money listed above was not contributed by these companies per se, but by individual employees, or PACs established by these companies (which I assume are in turn contributed to by employees ... ?)  

      So how much, if any, of these numbers show individual employees of the same company having contributed to different candidates, rather than individual employees or company PACs having contributed to both candidates?  

      If the former case is included in this table, I think it does not precisely show 'Kerry funded by Bush supporters'.  

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