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View Diary: GOP donors funding Nader (143 comments)

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  •  Less than 10%! (4.00)
    C'mon people - get a life.  less than 10%?  Nader is getting at least 1/3 of his support from Republicans' (I'd argue half - but there's no polling data yet).  and less than 10% of his money?

    This post is Nader bashing at it's finest.  If you take a look, I'm sure at least 5 times the amount he's getting from rethugs, he's getting from hard core dems.  

    Because, guess what, Nader is running as an independent!

    Gee - I didn't hear dems compalining about all the dem money going to Perot,

    take your blinders off, people.  Republicans and Democrats don't like Bush, but there are alternatives, and some rethugs can;t stomach Kerry any more than they can Bush.  convert them, rather than bashing the left.

    or would you rathwer have 4 more years of Bush?

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