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    Firm opposition to nuclear power is more common among people of left/liberal, anti-war, "green," anti-capitalist, sustainable/eco-activist, "hippie" leanings.  Support for nuclear power also appears to be significantly stronger among males than females, something I'll return to in a later installment.

    I am one of those female green, anti-capitalist, sustainable/eco-activists with a "science" degree and no visible hippie markers. I don't give a damn about science, when it's used to put down so-called non-scientific tree-hugging "hippie" leaning folks.

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      Female green, anti-capitalist, sustainable/eco-activist tree-hugger health physicist here. I've been ragged for years by my hippie friends for my support of nukes, and have been able to bring a few around.

      I don't think nukes are the best answer, by any means, but I do think they are something that can keep us going until we find something that works. I'm glad nuclear power scares people - I hope the public never becomes comfortable with it. Nuclear technology begs to be abused, so the sooner we can get rid of it and move to something better, the happier I'll be.

      But we have to have something until we get there, and, like it or not, nuclear is the only option that is even remotely feasable.

      "Eschew Ofbfuscation." - Mark Twain

      by windsngr on Tue May 23, 2006 at 08:46:59 PM PDT

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        matter of fact is that no matter what mankind is a slave of its own technological and scientific discoveries and ideas. Just because we are so darn unlucky to have become dependent on nuclear energy, doesn't mean that we will "get" to something better, just because you hope so. So far most technological developments were neither planned the way they turned out, nor could they be prevented. You dont' stop people from thinking. And what that thinking leads them to is uncontrollable.

        If them darn scientist have them darn ideas and them big entrepreneurs see an opening to make a buck of profit with those ideas, there is no way of stopping both of them developing whatever self-destrucive technology there is.

        There is no way of knowing that what we will get nuclear energy rid off will be better.

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