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View Diary: Kerry Cabinetmaker 4: National Economic Council Director (13 comments)

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  •  OMB Suggestions (none)
    For OMB you can look to some specific groups to get nominations. Large state budget directors (in Democratic administrations) is one category. Capitol Hill credibility is important, so a former Congressman/budget wonk would be a good fit. One example is former Illinois Congressman Marty Russo, who was redistricted into facing Bill Lipinsky (one of my least favorite Democratic Congressmen).

    Tim Penny is another possibility. He served in Congress from 1982 to 1994 and chaired the Democratic Budget Group. He ran unsuccessfully on the Minnesota Independence Party ticket to replace Jesse Ventura as Governor. Bringing him (and the Independence Party) back into the Democratic fold would be smart politics, but he wouldn't carry much partisan baggage in his dealings with Congressional budget makers.

    Michael Dukakis would be a wildcard choice at OMB.

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