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View Diary: "They Should Have Shot Them All" -- Kent State Aftermath (199 comments)

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  •  In fairness to today's youth... (4+ / 0-)
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    First, remember that your host here is relatively young and nobody can fault his devotion to the cause.

    Also, please note that despite a Cronkite-free media, Bush's approval rating is 29%-33%, depths that Nixon never plumbed until the Watergate endgame.  The protestors (many of them quite young) have won the battle for public opinion in a way never quite matched by the Vietnam protestors even though the carnage was worse in Vietnam.  There may be less compelling protest footage and fewer bodies in the streets, but the antiwar coalition enjoys popular success undreamed of 35 years ago.  

    If you are of a Kantian bent (self-interested altruism isn't), remember that the prospect of getting killed in Vietnam awaited many of those students after graduation;  the students were marching in part to save their own skins.  These days the risk of getting killed in Iraq can be greatly mitigated by not joining the military;  today's protestors are marching to save other peoples' skins.  

    •  In fairness to the boomers... (4+ / 0-)
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      kainah, esquimaux, Albatross, Yamaneko2

      (and all generations)in our early youth, we witnessed and took part in the Rock and Roll music and  civil rights revolutions. As we matured in the sixties kids were pushing the limits. During that time, over a six year period, I did not meet a single protester who was trying to save his or her own skin. You see, it was easier to stay in school forever than protest. Or join the National Guard!
       I continue to meet beautiful young people everyday. There are some very courageous young people being killed and maimed as we speak, and they will have to deal with PTSD as we did.

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