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    Or simply google "Dean Centrist" yourself.
    Note I said "by that state's standards," and note also that I do include balanced budgests and support for the entire Bill of Rights as progressive credentials. But... Seriously. You know you agree with me or you wouldn't be for him.

    9/11 + 4 Years = Katrina... Conservatism Kills.

    by NewDirection on Wed May 24, 2006 at 04:42:22 PM PDT

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      I happen to believe that labels like "left", "right", "center" are BS.

      Generally speaking, ideologies are also wedges that exist to divide people.

      If people sit down to debate amicably and rationally, then we find solutions that will tend to work in everyone's interest, i.e. in "common good".

      Sometimes the answers come from "common sense", eg. that it is a good idea to balance checkbooks and budgets.

      Sometimes better answers come from rigorous scientific analysis, eg, "how best to avert global warming" or "how best to apportion a budget".

      That, coupled with the fundamental precept that everyone is born to live free to the degree that they do not infringe on others' freedoms, makes up my "progressive" philosophy, which I abbreviate as The Common Sense/Common Good Progressive Framework.

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