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  •  What about Dean? (0+ / 0-)

    Dean has said he won't be a candidate but if he and the Democrats pull off a major victory under his leadership, how better to really twist the knife than have a Dean/Clark ticket?

    Dean had a double digit lead in Iowa six weeks prior and Kerry looked like dead meat, even in his own state.  What appeared to have stopped Dean in Iowa in 2004 was the Lisa Myers Canadian TV spot coupled with the Vilsack connection.  The evidence pretty well pointed at the DLC and Vilsack's elevation, to head that organization, seemed more than coincidental.  MSNBC's Chris Matthew's comments that Dean was crazy showed that Matthews probably was a nerd in school and certainly never heard Lombardi or Rockne rouse the troops to battle.  This pretty much issued the coup de grace to Dean's chances since Jean Shaheen, in N.H. had long been a Kerry supporter.  However, the grass roots had the last laugh as the broad support that Dean had engendered, resulted in a reorganization of the party, the grass roots were heard and Dean was a shoo-in as Chair.

    Looking back at the 2000 race, it appears to me that the DLC only gave token support to Gore and damned him with faint praise.  If Gore had been elected, 9-11 may still have happened but I can't see a sane man starting the war in Iraq.  Because of what I see as DLC blocking for the opposition, I won't give a dime to that organization or any that they have spawned.  Likewise, I will not give to the DCCC because they are headed by Rahm Emanuel who has already said publicly that he is supporting Hillary Clinton for President.  If that is the case, he sure as hell shouldn't be deciding which candidates are worthy of DCCC financial support.  Could it be that one prerequisite for support is a quid pro quo to support Hillary Clinton?  Similarly, I wonder who is running the DSCC; why none other than Chuck Schumer.  We all know he is interfering in the Montana race by supporting one of the candidates in the primary.  Let the damned Montanans come up with their own candidate without a bunch of outsiders telling them they are too stupid to figure out what is in their best interest.  If you agree with me send Jon Testor some money and write a letter to the editor in Billings, Missoula or Helena and tell them you have faith that Montanan's have the good sense to back Jon Testor.

    I don't think I have to tell you to support Governor Dean, but I will anyway.  Also give money to individual candidates that you support; if you trust the Chair person of you state Democratic Party, give their as well.  Give to any groups that you think will be even-handed and not front load the democratic process in your state.  Last but not least, give to the DNC because the money will be spent wisely and equitably.

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