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View Diary: Potential Trouble for New York State Democrats in 2006? (31 comments)

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    The only candidate I see losing to Jeanine Pirro is Mark Green.  The guy is a bad candidate.  He ran for Congress in 1980 and lost, Senate in 1986 and 1998 and lost, Mayor in 2001 and lost.  The only office he has ever won is NYC Public Advocate and it is a completely useless office that should be abolished.  He is also one of the least likeable people in NY politics which says a lot.

    My guess is that the AG race will be Pirro v Cuomo and I think Cuomo will win.  I like O'Donnell but she doesn't seem to be gaining much steam.  If she is on the primary ballot, I will vote for her.  Cuomo has improved immensly from his 2002 Gov race.  He is more polished and seems much more humble.  An electoral debacle and divorce can do that to you.

    With regards to the State Senate, my local Senator is the head of the Dem campaign committee and we have discussed this in the past.  The Dems have always had a multiple cycle strategy for winning it back with 2008 being the target year.  For the first time in years, the Dems will have three consecutive strong runs at the top of the ticket in 2004, 2006 and 2008.  Throughout the Pataki era, the Dems have been faced with strong tops of the ticket in Presidential years followed by weak tops of the tickets in Gov years.

    The Repubs are playing up their ability to win the Syracuse seat now held by David Valesky but are failing to acknowledge that his predecessor, Nancy Larraine Hoffman, was originally a Dem who switched parties.  With the power of the incumbency Valesky should be able to hold on.

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