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View Diary: H5N1: A Teachable Moment, And An Open Letter (124 comments)

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  •  A very real worry about hysteria (1+ / 0-)
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    Is that fear of "bird flu" could cause thousands or millions of domestic birds to be destroyed unnecessarily, including birds that did not get sick - exactly the birds we most want to keep in the gene pool. The loss of genetic diversity would be irrecoverable. Plus, people with small personal flocks could lose their livelihoods producing poultry or their personal source of meat and eggs.

    If this thing goes bad, we won't be getting it from birds anyway. In fact, it's reasonably likely that a mutant flu that infects H2H easily will not infect birds easily.

    Big Agriculture is using the fear to insist that backyard poultry is the problem and that all birds should be raised indoors. Bye Bye organic poultry. Concentrating our food supply into a few large producers will not make us safer.

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