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View Diary: George Bush Sr: Destroy the Glaciers to Mine the Gold (131 comments)

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  •  But food is much more essential... (2+ / 0-)
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    tryptamine, LNK

    ...than gold.  You do without gold much more easily than without food - there's very few essential uses for it.  Especially if you question if you need it badly enough to trample the human rights and livelihood of indigneous people in some far corner of the world or other.  Tons and tons and tons of it just sit in vaults supposedly signifying some nation or another's worth.  And in South Asia, it's the only form of asset many women are allowed to own.  So there's a social justice component.

    Its value, for the greatest bulk of its use is ONLY symbolic.  Good site to address some of this is No Dirty Gold.  They do stuff like help coordinate students not to get gold graduation rings, and publicize the effects of mining practices for it.

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