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  •  Fuck The Naderistas ... (2+ / 0-)
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    Ed in Montana, macmcd

    In the neck.  Twice.  Hell ... three times, even.

    Any dope-addled shitheel could have seen what was coming down the pike with Bu$chCo, et. al.

    Fucking losers.  No difference, indeed.  They should all have their words shoved up their asses, sideways.

    •  I was in grad school in 2000 and several of (5+ / 0-)

      my classmates had worked in previous Nader campaigns and a couple of them knew him personally.  None of them voted for him in that election.  In fact, they worked relentlessly against him.  I had respectd him because of the work he had done in previous years but I had never actually been around him at all.  I was never part of the hard core discussions about him so I do not know the specifics.  I just know that those who were planning to vote Green all changed their minds that year.  Actually, one classmate did vote for Nader because he lives in California and he wanted to make a statement.  After his casual attitude of there being no difference between Dems and Republicans that year, recently, he stated to me that that was the stupidest belief that he had ever had except for a long-ago attitude that alcohol and pot made him more creative. He is an environmentalist and he has been shocked at the degradation of the environment in the past five years.  Who said that Bush is incompetent.....he has been highly successful at destroying the country.

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