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  •  I see a different angle in the info provided (1+ / 0-)
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    in this article. Yes the GOP is full of crooks. Crooks lie. Crooks seek out other crooks as coconspirators/henchmen, because they, too are guilty, and won't rat out, and can be relied upon to lie about what they're up to. The GOP has to hire crooks because they are committing crimes. Honest people either would refuse, or would turn them in. Isn't this, and the other incidents we know about enough evidence of a pattern of election tampering/fraud? Shouldn't this be enough for a RICO suit? How long can they get away with saying that this or that operation was acting on its own? They spent a lot of money paying for the legal defense of the NH phone-jammers, hoping for a single case of vindication that they could wave, when other cases see the light of day - and they lost, at which point they stopped paying for the jammer's appeal, leaving him to 'do his time.' So, once the guy actually gets convicted, they drop him like a hot potato. You can bet they'll be distancing themselves, denying they spent millions on his defense.

    The boss telling the hirelings DON'T do anything illegal is like Don Corleone saying DON"T rub out (insert name of hittee here). Only addicts and criminals are of a mind to understand exactly what the boss means, and deviously carry out the fraud, while simulating good intentions. The GOP knows this, because it is how they operate.

    The Dems really should use this and the other similar incidents. They could make PSAs warning people about these schemes, with an ID-theft angle, but with the clear inuendo that it's also part of a scheme to rob you of your vote.

    I see the registration-flipping activity in CA as part of the same scheme that replaced Gray Davis with Ahnold: it's the electoral votes, stupid. They have to disenfranchise Dems, and install Diebold DREs. They got Kenny Boy to extort CA by cutting off its electricity, thus terrorizing the people into electing Ahnold as their knight in shining armor. You've got to admit the GOP is good at using psychology to manipulate people.

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      I see what you're saying and agree this is part of a pattern to disenfranchise voters and agree that making

      PSAs warning people about the schemes, with an ID-theft angle, but with the clear inuendo that it's also part of a scheme to rob you of your vote.

      should be done and the more that can be tied in with the range of tactics Republicans do employ would be powerful. Voter Beware: Someone wants to steal your precious Constitutional right!

      My angle was up the ladder a bit with the process of introducing policy, but they are both part and parcel of disenfranching the American people.

      I don't know about the illegality of such actions, but legal eagles here need to look-see for sure. This whole diary much need to be re-written to include such analysis and connections in a more expansive form with the given base info.

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