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  •  For the record... (4+ / 0-) personal research subject, Rep. Richard Pombo (CA-11) didn't serve either.  And he's been an agressive advocate on stuff like military recruiters on university campuses.

    Last week I did come across evidence of mindless "dittohead" positions on Iraq, making Pombo eligible for admission to the Chickenhawk Hall of Fame.  From the Stockton Record, May 17:

    Pombo, who does not spend much time talking about Iraq, says he fully supports Bush on the war and agrees that withdrawing troops before Iraq can govern itself would be unwise.

    "None of us wants to be in a war," he said. "We all want it to end as soon as we have the stability there."

    One of Pombo's two opponents in the Republican primary, retired Marine and former Rep. Paul N. "Pete" McCloskey, said the war was an avoidable mistake that has made the United States hated throughout the world. He added that it has maimed or killed thousands of soldiers and damaged the economy.

    Worse, McCloskey said, the Bush administration wanted to go to war so it could oust Saddam Hussein despite flimsy evidence he was allied to al-Qaida or possessed nuclear and biological weapons.

    Pombo called that notion "a dangerous idea." He pointed out that all but one member of Congress voted to give Bush the power to use force in Iraq.

    "The truth is we were attacked," he said. "The president and Congress responded to that."

    He says he likes Fox News.  It would appear that he's in that group of viewers who still thinks that Saddam had something to do with 9/11.

    Pombo has been operating under the radar compared the chicken hawks listed in the diary.  But he wields power, and does plenty of harm as House Resources Chair.  For example, this past week, his American-Made Energy and Good Jobs Act passed the House.  It's the twelfth time drilling at ANWR has been approved in the House, several times attributable to Pombo.  (This one's a stand-alone, and unlikely to pass in the Senate.)  He won't stop with this till he's sent back home to the family feed lot in the San Joaquin Valley, where he can henceforth be associated with a more appropriate sort of stench.  A stench which doesn't get spread to the rest of us.

    And his seat is looking increasingly vulnerable, so I want to encourage people to include him in this sort of review.

    •  Pombo Opponents in CA-11 (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      Pam from Calif

      --Tom Benigno (R)
      Retired Farmer & '02 Candidate
      --Pete McCloskey (R)
      Ex-Congressman, Attorney, USMC Veteran & '72 Presidential Candidate

      --Steve Filson (D)
      Airline Pilot & Navy Veteran
      --Jerry McNerney (D)
      Wind Turbine Manufacturer, Mathematician & '04 Nominee
      --Steve Thomas (D)
      Electrician & Peace Activist

      Filson is a Fighting Dem - "U.S. Navy. Son of an aviation officer, Steve also became a pilot, serving aboard the USS Hancock and the USS Ranger and piloting three different carrier-based attack aircraft."


      "A little rebellion now and then is a good thing" -Thomas Jefferson

      by BillORightsMan on Sun May 28, 2006 at 11:24:31 AM PDT

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