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    if I stick in a little diary I wrote April 23, it's short.

    <<h4 class="date">Sun Apr 23, 2006 at 08:06:22 AM PDT</h4>

    Dear Diary,

      I am so happy I found you here on Mommys computer. Now I can have privecy because my dum brother can't read this now because he doesn't no Mommys secret password but I do.He stold my last diary under my bed and I had to give him my allowance so he wouldn't tell on me about calling him a poopie head beause he stold my dolls and took them somewhere and he and his dum friends broke off the arms and burned them with sigarets and everything.

      Anyway I am happy now I can write.  I will tell my bestest friend Betsy about this diary place to because she is very very sad now.  Her hole family is sad to because her brother Dylan had to go away at the army and he died there.  Her dad told her he was hit with a bome or something.  Why would somebody bome him?  He was good, not like my poopie brother.  He fixed my bike everytime it broke.  I thought he was going to colleg but Betsy said he had to go to army first.  Maybe it's like you have to go to the 3rd grade before the 4th grade I don't know.  

      Betsy has missed school all week so I went to her house and they are all crying and it is dark.  I told them turn on the lights but they just cryed more. Her mom just sits there looking at a flag.  I did not see her dad but I heard him screaming bad words I don't know except I know prsident Bush.  I asked Mommy about the words and she tole me never say them again and I tole her Betsys dad is mad at prisdent bush and Mommy said not to say that word to. I don't know why.

    Today I will tell Betsy my mommys secret word so she can write a diary here to. The secret word is truth.

    Ok now I can save this and go to school but I cant find Save. Maybe this is it Submit.

    I don't make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts. Will Rogers

    by Zwoof on Sun May 28, 2006 at 08:08:59 AM PDT

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